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The restaurant "Bocasa" is a coastal oasis inspired by the long and sunny summer days in Montenegro.
Our restaurant "Bocasa" continues to focus on impeccable service, Mediterranean and
international cuisine and atmosphere.

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Tavern "Domestic" is a unique offer in Montenegro and an environment where at the 1000m altitude you can consume domestic ham from pigs grown on our households, as well as in a completely natural, original ambience, with guaranteed autonomy and thus be left to the tastes of home-made food and drinks .

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Tavern "Adriatic" is expecting almost 30 years and welcoming guests in the heart of Rosa.

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Restaurant Krušo is located on the most beautiful part of the Herce of the Coast, on Toploj.

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Restaurant "Aurora" in Kumbor is located on the main road, 100 meters from the turning point for "Portonova" and away from Herceg Novi 7 km.

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Buffet Belgrade is a place with a tradition, which is confirmed by the fact that this cafe is located in the same place from 1931. years.

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The fishing village provides its visitors with a unique local experience.

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Restaurant Mirišta is a unique family restaurant, already 17 years old and serves top-class culinary specialties.

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