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Stand up rowing and kayaking

"Supkayak" is engaged in the issuing of Stand up boards and kayaks as well as the organization of group tour guided by experienced guides.

You can rent our boats and kayaks on the beach in Djenovici or we can deliver them to you at your desired location.

Stand up boards are on inflating so they are easy to transport and you can take them with you to visit one of many Montenegrin lakes or rivers.

From Herceg Novi we offer tours along the Herzegovinian Riviera or to the fishing village of Rose.

All tours are flexible so that they can be adjusted according to your wishes and physical fitness.

Call us and join one of our tournaments, and we guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

  • Website: http://www.supkayak.me/
  • E-mail: This address is el. mail is protected from spambots. Enable JavaScript to view it.
  • Address: Đenovići bb Herceg Novi
  • Phone

    +382 31 350 820

  • Phone

    +382 31 350 820