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Club "SAVINA" archery

The shooting club "Savina" was founded and registered 2009. years. Since then, the club has retained the title of the most robust archery club in Montenegro.

Children and adults can engage in shootings, this is an ideal sport for the whole family, whether you want to spend a good time on vacation, whether you like to practice archery in the long run. The club has a traditional, Olympic and bare bow, various strengths, as well as children's arches. To experience the archery, no previous experience is required, but you will receive all the necessary information from the licensed instruction club, Jefta Bjelica.

Sagittarius club "Savina" organizes starring birthday celebrations for all ages, team building in English and Italian, as well as special terms and benefits in the package "Archery for fun": family package, friends package, and couples package .

The outdoor terrain is in the shade, only 100 m from the sea, and during autumn and winter months you will find us in the Sala on the ground floor of HTC, better known as "Toplanka".

Booking and appointment announcements for the first time can be done by phone or the official Facebook page of the club that is regularly updated.

  • Address: Mića Vavića bb, Topla, Herceg Novi
  • Phone

    +382 31 350 820