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Forte Mare

Forte Mare Fortress (Sea Fortress) is located on the coast itself.

<p>Phone: +382 (0) 31 323 072+382 (0) 31 322 098<p>

On the upper side are "MORSKA VRATA" (Porta di Mare), with preserved elements of fortification from the Bosnian period. Forte Mare is certainly among the most beautiful examples of fortification architecture, and it is quite realistic that there was a nucleus of the Old Town.

<p>Forte Mare Fortress is open for individual and group visits every day from 9- 20h. The ticket for individual visits is 3 Euro, and for group 2 euro.<p>

  • Website: http://hercegfest.me/
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  • Address: Forte Mare, Herceg Novi
  • Phone <p>+382 31 350 820</p>
  • Phone <p>+382 31 350 820</p>