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Museum - Dom Captain Miroslav Štumberger

In the town of Baošići, in Herzegovinian municipality, the Museum-house of Captain Miroslav Štumberger was opened, who, due to the submarine service, first arrived in Boka in 1913, and later stayed there to live.

The beauties of Baošić and Herceg Novi and the captain did not leave them indifferent, so in the vicinity of the place where he came to paint nature, he bought an old stone house, around which he erected a garden and a small vineyard. Passionately collected old objects from the Boka River, and as a dedicated collector, he made a large collection of icons, paintings, carvings, weapons, amphorae, old coins, maps, sailboat models that he himself made, and which are still preserved in museums.

Originally from Slovenia, the old captain made his home in Baošići, who then consecrated the city as a museum, open to visitors.

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  • Address: Baošići bb, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
  • Phone

    +382 31 350 820

  • Phone

    +382 31 350 820