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This December, for the first time, a modern and unique opera will be shown in Montenegro Jumbus produced by Operose in frame Young @ Opera project, supported by Creative Europe. Partners of the project are the Municipality of Herceg Novi and the Kolarac Endowment from Belgrade.

Opera Jumbus is a fusion of contemporary and classic operatic expression with an intertwined story full of twists and intrigues. Composer Milica Ilic, together with librettist Jovan Stamatovic-Karic, conductor Bojana Radivojevic, and director Patrick Lazić, have placed this traditional form in a modern context. The opera of this opera with elements of drama, includes many colorful characters with problems and challenges of organizing an important event.


Herceg Novi is a significant Montenegrin tourist destination. Known for its spa and health centers, nearby Igalo abounds with healing mud called "Igalo mud" and mineral water springs "Igaljske slatine". The most famous city attractions are Forte Mare Fort which was built by the Bosnian King Company I 1382 year, the Clock Tower built by the Austrians in the 19 century, the Kanli Kula built by the Turks and the Serbian Church of St. Archangel Mihajlo in Belavista Square.

Although the city is not recognized as a sunbathing destination due to the lack of long sandy beaches, which is also a feature of other cities on the coast of the Bay of Kotor, most beaches are accessible by boat. Travel agencies organize daily trips to the Lustica peninsula, located across the street from Herceg Novi.

Let us take this opportunity to invite you to participate in the Festival Day in Herceg Novi, held from 4-8 on June 2020. years. Folklore and choir groups as well as orchestras of all ages are invited.