Mimosa opens by Lepa Brena, closes by Zeljko Joksimovic

The Mimosa Feast will begin on 14. February 2020. The music stars who will enrich the opening and closing of the oldest Herzegovinian festival are Lepa Brena and Zeljko Joksimovic. Big 51 Opening Concert. Mimosa Holiday is scheduled for 14. February, when one of the biggest regional music stars Lepa Brena will perform on the plateau in front of the Hotel Igalo. A day later, on Saturday 15. February will host the traditional Mimosa, Fish and Wine Festival on the Herceg Novi Riviera.

A month rich in various programs will follow, during which Herceg Novi will be the venue for a spectacle every weekend - Petar Graso will perform 21. February, Aco Pejovic 07. on March, and at the close of 14. In March we expect an international carnival procession and a concert by Zeljko Joksimovic.

In addition to outdoor concerts, the weekends will feature masquerades featuring well-known musical names. Evenings under the masks of 51. Mimosa holidays are planned for 15. February, 06. March and 13. March. The traditional Fish Dinner will be held at 22. February.

In addition to the inevitable fiesta on the Herceg Novi Riviera, five more fish and wine festivities will be staged at the Square, along with a local table fair. There will also be no sports programs and facilities for children that have been an integral part of the Mimosa Festival for years. Bearing in mind that the main program of the most important tourist propaganda winter manifestation is ready much earlier than in the past years, promotional activities will start tomorrow, at the Tourism Fair in Novi Sad and will last continuously for the next four months. It is worth adding that the three-day New 2020 Welcome Program has been released. in Herceg Novi, which will also be actively promoted throughout the region.

Winter in Herceg Novi will be marked by a rich and attractive calendar of events and great deals of arrangements prepared by Herceg Novi hoteliers and publishers of private accommodation. All this, with a good promotion that has been prepared on time, should contribute to good attendance and occupancy of the accommodation capacities during the summer season, which is the main goal of the organizers of the Municipality of Herceg Novi and the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi and the executive producer of the Public Institution of Culture “Herceg Fest”.

Public Institution "Mirko Komnenovic City Museum and Josip Bepo Benkovic Gallery" in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro is organizing the European Heritage Days event 2019, with a program called "Side on the Stage of Europe".

This significant event for our institution and the entire cultural public of Montenegro will be organized in the Botanical Garden of the Mirko Komnenović City Museum in Herceg Novi, on 27. September 2019. starting at 18.00.

The European Heritage Days, which are commemorated in the 50 countries that are signatories to the European Convention on Culture, are based on the promotion of local skills, traditions, architecture and art, which form a common European heritage.

Launched in 1985 in France, the event was organized as a joint initiative of the European Commission and the Council of Europe by 1999. is celebrated in September, with more than 70 000 events organized across Europe. European Heritage Days allow citizens to explore a wide range of cultural assets through a series of themed events, free of charge for visitors, which helps shed light on the hidden history of the people and places that have helped shape Europe's culture and heritage.

The goals of the event are based on increasing understanding of the common European past, respecting traditional values ​​and encouraging new initiatives in the field of conservation and education, and its plan - European character, contributes to bringing the peoples of Europe closer together by spreading common cultural values.

In Herceg Novi is 27. and 28. The 3rd International Klapa Festival of Herceg Novi 2019., now recognized as the most beautiful promotion of klapa singing, is a shining example of the heritage and care for our valuable cultural heritage.

For the third time, this festival, which is dedicated to preserving and promoting the Mediterranean spirit, truly grows into a tradition to the general satisfaction of both organizers; TO Herceg Novi and Klape Castel Nuovo and participants. In the Boka Park during the festival in front of a large audience, eight choirs from Montenegro and two from Croatia performed.

The audience award was won by the Jadran Klapa from Tivat. At the beginning of the second night of the klapa festival, the same award ceremony was held for the first three places of the Herceg Novi Sailing Tour, which was held in the Herceg Novi aquarium that day and marked the end of this year's current tourist season in Herceg Novi.

The first place went to the boat "Blue Gull" from Tivat, the second went to "Medusina" - Herceg Novi, and the third went to the crew of "Vagabundo", also from Herceg Novi.

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