Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has engulfed the entire world and changed the way we do business, we have adapted and adopted a different system of functioning, adopted new habits and created new solutions to achieve the goals of our projects. By aligning our work with the new circumstances, following the recommendations of the World Tourism Organization UNWTO and the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, we successfully maintain the image of the destination.

Under these conditions, the focus is on digital promotion and all resources are focused on virtual reality. As the travel and tourism sector is among those most affected by the current pandemic, but also the sector that is among the first to recover, we are contributing in the current circumstances to the recovery of tourist traffic as quickly as possible. What is evident is that the current isolation and restricted movement will greatly increase the desire for travel, which, on the other hand, will be conditioned by the effects of an increasingly economic crisis.

The largest drop is predicted for travel to distant destinations due to high transport prices, which in our case implies a similar demographic structure when it comes to dominant tourist groups, as in the last few years. It is expected that local, tourists from the region as well as guests from Russia will grow. It is also expected that the trend in the length of travel will change, and that several shorter trips will be replaced by one longer trip during the year. Many renowned travel magazines insist on mutual flexibility - appealing to tourists not to cancel their travel arrangements at all costs, but to delay their travel instead. As Condé Nast Traveler states - We are in this together and we need to get out of this together.

Based on the above, we recommend promotional measures that will make your offer competitive. Some of them are: incentive rates for longer stays and free services during your stay. Get in touch with your potential guests to show empathy and concern in times of crisis, if guests request a cancellation, suggest moving them for the future, offer vouchers that can be used by the end of the year to retain your guests, if the final outcome results By canceling your reservation, offer a discount coupon for the off-season next year as a reason to consider your arrival. Take advantage of the time that was given to you during the Ostanidoma campaign and use it for your own education. There are numerous online courses available these days that can help strengthen your professional portfolio: brighttalk.com, www.futurelearn.com, www.thewaitersacademy.com, www.shetrades.com, https://www.freecodecamp.org/itd. Budite informisani i pratite dešavanja na stranicama vodećih svjetskih turističkih organizacionih tijela: Svjetske turističke organizacije (UNWTO) i Svjetskog savjeta za turizam i putovanja (WTTC). Ukoliko polje vašeg poslovanja podrazumjeva ikongresni turizam (MICE) preporučujemo webinare i informacije Medjunarodnog udruženja kongresa i konvencija ICCA (iccaworld.org), kao i Society for IncentiveTravel Excellence SITE (www.siteglobal.com).