The citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can enter Montenegro with a negative test for the covid-19 virus, which can be PCR, but also a significantly cheaper serological test, it was explained yesterday at the meeting of the Municipal Team for Protection and Rescue of Herceg Novi.

The Institute of Public Health of Montenegro recognizes a negative PCR test, ELISA serological test or ECLIA test, but it is important that the test is done in an accredited laboratory, said Sanitary Inspector Karmela Mujicic. When it comes to the differences between the tests recognized by the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro, it is significant in price, because PCR costs about a hundred euros, while serologically you can do for about twenty euros. In addition, an important item is the time required for the results to arrive, which is usually significantly shorter for a serological test, up to several hours. According to Mujičić, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can do PCR tests only in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar and Tuzla, but ELISA serological tests can also be done in laboratories in other cities, such as Trebinje. ”This means that people from Montenegro who they go to Bosnia and Herzegovina, let's say they go to Trebinje on business, they can finish work in that city, do a test in a few hours and come back ", explained Mujičić. , because it is considered to be an unreliable method.

The sensitivity and specificity of PCR tests and serological tests by ELISA are much higher, and they are performed in more detail and precision compared to "rapid tests". The PCR test is used to detect the virus and is done on the basis of swabs from the nose and throat, while the serological test is done from the blood and it detects antibodies, more precisely states the response of our body to the possible presence of the virus.

The countries from which it is currently possible to come to Montenegro with negative results of PCR, ELISA (negative Igm) or ECLIA test on covid-19 are: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Israel, Singapore and Canada.

It is worth recalling that Montenegro has divided all countries into three categories and determined the regime for the entry of citizens of those countries. The so-called "green countries" are those from which one can enter Montenegro without additional restrictions, "yellow" countries from which a negative test for the covid-19 virus is required to enter, while for those who enter from "red countries" it is mandatory to determine the measure of self-isolation or quarantine. You can find an updated list of countries on the website of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro.