The Mimosa Feast will begin on 14. February 2020. The music stars that will mark the opening and closing of the oldest Herzegovinian festival are Lepa Brena and Zeljko Joksimovic.

Over four weekends filled with rich 51 programs. Mimosa Holiday will announce a large number of lovers of good time in Herceg Novi during the winter at sea.

The first weekend of "Mimosa for the good old days" begins with a big concert at the opening of 51. Mimosa Holiday scheduled for 14. February, when one of the biggest regional music stars Lepa Brena will perform on the plateau in front of the Hotel Igalo. A day later, on Saturday 15. February will host the traditional Traditional Mimosa, Fish and Wine Festival on the Herceg Novi Riviera.

A month rich in various programs will follow, during which Herceg Novi will be the venue for a spectacle every weekend - Petar Graso will perform 21. February, Vlado Georgiev 29., Aco Pejovic 07 March, and at the closing 14. March we expect the International Carnival procession and concert by Zeljko Joksimovic.

There are also tribute band concerts scheduled for 27. and 28. February at Boka Park. In addition to the outdoor concerts, the weekends will feature masquerades featuring well-known musical names. Mask nights are planned for 15. February, 01. March and 06. In the evening, guests will be entertained by Dejan Matic. The traditional Fish Dinner will be held on 22. February at the Igalo Institute.

For children the children's masquerade 23 is organized. February and the 07 Big Children's Flower Parade. March.The Square will be during 51. There will also be four Fish and Wine Festivities along with a homemade table, 16. and 23. on Feb. 01. and 08. March. Sports programs such as Picigin - 16 will also be absent. 02. and the Karotrc Race 29. February.Winter in Herceg Novi will be marked by a rich and attractive calendar of events and great deals of arrangements prepared by Herceg Novi hoteliers and publishers of private accommodation.

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The Ataman ensemble was created in 2003 with the aim of presenting and nurturing the rich Russian tradition of folk songs. Founded by Alexander Krasnoperets, a Cossack from the Cuban region, he is a laureate of many Russian and international competitions and festivals. The composition is unique, on stage you will see young artists in traditional Russian costumes from several Cossack regions - Don, Cuban, Tver, Siberia.

As part of the 51st Mimosa Feast, 16.02.2020/20/XNUMX. On the stage of the Park Hall starting at XNUMXpm, the Cossack ensemble '' Ataman '' will be presented to the Novska audience for the first time.