In Herceg Novi is 27. and 28. The 3rd International Klapa Festival of Herceg Novi 2019., now recognized as the most beautiful promotion of klapa singing, is a shining example of the heritage and care for our valuable cultural heritage.

For the third time, this festival, which is dedicated to preserving and promoting the Mediterranean spirit, truly grows into a tradition to the general satisfaction of both organizers; TO Herceg Novi and Klape Castel Nuovo and participants. In the Boka Park during the festival in front of a large audience, eight choirs from Montenegro and two from Croatia performed.

The audience award was won by the Jadran Klapa from Tivat. At the beginning of the second night of the klapa festival, the same award ceremony was held for the first three places of the Herceg Novi Sailing Tour, which was held in the Herceg Novi aquarium that day and marked the end of this year's current tourist season in Herceg Novi.

The first place went to the boat "Blue Gull" from Tivat, the second went to "Medusina" - Herceg Novi, and the third went to the crew of "Vagabundo", also from Herceg Novi.

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Public Institution "Mirko Komnenovic City Museum and Josip Bepo Benkovic Gallery" in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro is organizing the European Heritage Days event 2019, with a program called "Side on the Stage of Europe".

This significant event for our institution and the entire cultural public of Montenegro will be organized in the Botanical Garden of the Mirko Komnenović City Museum in Herceg Novi, on 27. September 2019. starting at 18.00.

The European Heritage Days, which are commemorated in the 50 countries that are signatories to the European Convention on Culture, are based on the promotion of local skills, traditions, architecture and art, which form a common European heritage.

Launched in 1985 in France, the event was organized as a joint initiative of the European Commission and the Council of Europe by 1999. is celebrated in September, with more than 70 000 events organized across Europe. European Heritage Days allow citizens to explore a wide range of cultural assets through a series of themed events, free of charge for visitors, which helps shed light on the hidden history of the people and places that have helped shape Europe's culture and heritage.

The goals of the event are based on increasing understanding of the common European past, respecting traditional values ​​and encouraging new initiatives in the field of conservation and education, and its plan - European character, contributes to bringing the peoples of Europe closer together by spreading common cultural values.

International Klapa Herceg Novi Festival 2019. will be held 27.09. and 28.09.2019. at Boca Park (if there is a downpour, it will definitely be Park Hall). This year's festival will feature eight Montenegrin choirs whose interpretation will be judged by the audience, while visitors to both evenings will be able to enjoy concerts by the Croatian choirs Kontra and Kasa.
Klapa Kontra will be the headliner on the first night, and with their concert the festival will be open, while the Klapa Klapa concert will be reserved for the second night of the festival.
The Montenegrin choirs that will participate are:
1. Incanto - Kotor
2. Adriatic - Tivat
3. Maris - Kotor
4. Bisernice Boke - Kotor
5. Tools - Podgorica
6. Unity - Bar
7. Harmony - Budva
8. Castel Nuovo - Herceg Novi
It is important to note that the creator and conceptual creator of this project is the Castel Nuovo klapa, which will be implemented in cooperation with the Tourism Organization of Herceg Novi.
MZ Igalo and KUD Igalo, in cooperation with the Tourism Organization of Herceg Novi, are organizing the final manifestation "Igalo Summer" which will be held by 07. September 2019.
Cultural and artistic societies from Macedonia, Niksic, Bileca, Pluzin, Podgorica, Bar and Igal take part in the defile from the Light House Hotel starting at 19h to the Youth Park in Igalo. Guests and locals will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of local folk games at this year's final summer event at Igalo Summer.