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The port is located on the north coast of Herceg Novi Bay, opposite the entrance to Boka bay. XNUMX ° XNUMX'N XNUMX ° XNUMX'E


The port is located on the north coast of Herceg Novi Bay, opposite the entrance to Boka bay. XNUMX ° XNUMX'N XNUMX ° XNUMX'E

OrientationCity with old ramparts and fortress and light on the head of the breakwater - stone quadrangular obelisk with three vertical and one slanting side.

WeatherThe port is particularly exposed to S and SW winds and waves, during south wind in the port is formed swell and waves pass through the breakwater. Storms from the NW direction in the harbor develop waves. The port is well protected from other winds.

Guide to sailingDuring sailing in and sailing out, attention should be paid to two cliffs that are about 200 meters from the head of the breakwater and to the underwater stones in the extension of the breakwater head provided in the W direction. At the approach of the port from the SE and S direction, attention should be paid to the Karatoc rock and to the underwater sewer pipe that enters the sea 300 m E from the port light and stretches in the direction of 194 ̊. In the northern, shallow part of the port's aquatorium, attention should be paid to the number of concrete anchored blocks on the bottom which height above the bottom in some cases reaches one meter.

Time : The inside of the breakwater with a built-up shore in the length of


meters can be used for vessel binding. In this move, the depths along the coast are over two meters long, and for the embroidery there are


metal and


stone beams.

AnchorageThe larger ships can anchor SW-WSW from the breakwater head at depths of




meters on a reliable muddy bottom. In winter, these anchorages cannot be used because of the great waves of SE and SW winds.

Sea currents: In the case of southern winds or heavy rains, a fairly strong W current arises in front of the port, which causes a strong outgoing current of the same direction along the inside of the breakwater, which must be taken into account when landing.

Marine changes: The average daily amplitudes of sea changes in Boka Kotorska are not large and range around 22 cm. However, for a longer period at the docks in Boka Kotorska, maximum sea deviation can be expected due to sea changes in the range of 126 cm, with the expected maximum level above the mean sea level of 74cm and the minimum level below the mean sea level of 52 cm.

Water and electricity: On the inside of the breakwater there are six service cabinets with electricity and water connections.

Fuel: Can be obtained at the pump station at the breakwater roots.

CommunicationsIt is possible to approach the port by motor vehicle and for further communication can be used Adriatic highway.

Technical data:

  • Depth of port:

    3-6,5 m

  • Maximum length of the ship that fills the fuel in the port:



  • Maximum fuel fill gauge: 2,5 m
  • Accommodation capacity: 40 berths
  • Website: http://www.porthercegnovi.com
  • E-mail: This address is el. mail is protected from spambots. Enable JavaScript to view it.
  • Address: 42 ° 27'N 18 ° 32'E
  • Phone

    +382 31 350 820

  • Phone

    +382 31 350 820

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