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Emergency Telephone Help


Health Center Herceg Novi is a public institution for primary health care in Herceg Novi.

Private health institution general hospital "Meljine" is located on the shore of the sea 3 km from the center of Herceg Novi ...

The Herceg Novi Security Center is located in the vicinity of the Health Center Herceg Novi.

Protection and Rescue Service - Fire Department - Herceg Novi


The main goal of the Mountain Rescue Service is help and rescue in the mountains, on rocks, speleological structures ...

The port is located on the north coast of Herceg Novi Bay, opposite the entrance to Boka bay. XNUMX ° XNUMX'N XNUMX ° XNUMX'E

For all tourists who come from the sea to their vessels, the first obligatory station is Port Zelenika where registration is performed.

The shooting club "Savina" was founded and registered 2009. years.

"Supkayak" is engaged in the issuing of Stand up boards and kayaks as well as the organization of group tour guided by experienced guides.

Sports Center "Igalo" is located in Igalo along the highway across the Institute "Dr. Simo Milosevic".

Tennis Center "SBS" is located in the center of Herceg Novi, right on the coast, next to the beach Milašinović.

This attractive location with several views, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of Boka Kotorska Bay, is located along the old road to the village of Kameno.