Nature park Orjen

Our paths

The nature park has a dense network of marked trails, tailered to both inexperienced and experienced mountaineers and hikers. However, Orjen was not created for people who are used to easy and quick access to mountain beauty. Hidden beauty reigns here, beauty that is worth fighting for. We recommend you visit places such as the Snow pit, various mountain caves, Austro-Hungarian military positions, old shepherds' dwellings etc...

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Veliki kabao (1894 m)

Among the most attractive, but not among the most difficult, is the path to Veliki kabao (1894 m), the highest point of Orjen, the coastal Dinarides and the entire coast, on both sides of the Adriatic. It was built for a more leisurely outing of the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne, Prince Rudolph Habsburg, and is the oldest purpose-built hiking trail in Montenegro.

For hiking enthusiasts, trails lead from Vrbanj to the Murišić cistern on Žukovica, the Snow pit below the monumental Subra amphitheater (the most interesting detail of the coastal Dinarides), and the Vučji do katun, Poljica and Kamenska plain.

Za ljubitelje pješačenja od Vrbanja vode staze do bistjerne Murišića na Žukovici, Sniježne jame ispod monumentalnog Subrinog amfiteatra (najzanimljivijeg detalja primorskih Dinarida), te katuna Vučji do, Poljice i Kamenska ravan.

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Mountain biking

In addition to walking and hiking, the Park can also be toured by a mountain bike, using the historical, Austro-Hungarian cart roads, or today's dirt roads that lead practically to all former Orjen katuns.

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On Orjen it is also possible to practice many other activities that are in line with nature conservation, such as bird watching, mountain running, paragliding, alpinism, speleology, and on Vrbanj there is also one of the most equipped and modern adventure parks in the region, a perfect treat for adrenaline junkies!